Youth Football Development Academy

Academy philosophy

“If you are good enough, you are old enough”

– Sir Matt Busby

The Club does not consider age a determining factor.

Our Vision

Our vision is to deliver an environment that will help nurture the talent of youngsters and systematically convert them into top-class footballers. Professionals who will be capable of playing in the first team of our club and represent our country both in the national and international arena.

The Youth Football Development Academy is set up to promote technical excellence and ensure financial viability both now and in the future.

Technical Staff Youth Players Environment
Develop and introduce better
Develop technically
good players who are tactically
astute and independent
decision makers, fully
equipped for a successful
career as a professional footballer
Focus of football education
of youth footballers
Help Coaches  in their “Continuing
Professional Development”
Provide a optimal environment for the
development of players laying emphasis on
participation in more number of matches


  • To provide high quality, safe opportunities for young and upcoming players of different age groups (U-13, U-15 and U-18) to develop and progress to our first team.
  • To help young players realise their potential, develop skills, discipline and confidence.
  • To provide a chance to footballers regardless of their background.
  • To embed the values and principles of our club from a young age.
  • To create an enjoyable environment for the young players to develop and progress.
  • To be committed to creating and embedding a strong respect-based playing environment.

Our Football Philosophy

Our club aims to be known as a football model for youth development in our country and aspires to work with the most modern coaching methods and techniques. The club has its own highly defined individual cultures and values and these traditions are fiercely defended as part of the club’s history, individual identity and future ambitions.

The DNA of a CCFC player is to play with the ball, not only to keep possession of the ball but to understand the purpose of keeping possession at a given point of time, breaking lines and to progress to the final third. Players are encouraged to take calculated risks and not to be afraid of making mistakes but to make better decisions by constantly reading the game.

CCFC aims to produce technically competent players who are better decision makers who can play with pace and precision under pressure.

FC Basel

Chennai City FC’s Youth Academy will be developed with technical assistance from FC Basel, who also owns a stake in our club.

Formed in 1893, Switzerland based club FC Basel, has a rich legacy of being Swiss National Champions 20 times, Swiss Cup Winners 12 times, and Swiss League Cup winners once.

FC Basel is the only club from Switzerland that has qualified directly into the Group Stages of the UEFA Champions League. They hold the record of representing in UEFA Champions League 7 times, standing out from the other clubs in Switzerland. With an international reputation for having one of the best youth development systems in football, FC Basel’s youth programme has produced players like Ivan Rakitic, Xherdan Shaqiri, Granit Xhaka with Mo Salah being the latest edition to the numbers.

FC Basel is determined to bring its expertise to produce talent from among the youth of India that will thrive in the International Football Arena in the future.

Football Education Programme

Our club encourages coaches to take charge and introduce the players to the difficult concepts and gameplay theories that creates a highly effective game play. These concepts begin with fundamental principles of play (such as support, width, cover, balance) and gradually become incorporated into systems of play and styles of play.

Non- Football Education

At present, our club’s youth program is non-residential and it is in a transitional state. The Youth Development Program is set to become a full-time residential Centre of Excellence. The youngsters who are part of the youth setup go to regular schools of their choice and the club does understand and emphasize the importance of non-football (Academic) education.

Moving forward, our club envisions a proper academic structure and syllabus for the residential youth athletes, which will help them in the future when making important decisions both on and off the pitch.