About us

The history of Chennai City FC dates back to 1946 when the club was launched with the name NETHAJI FC due to the neverending passion of five friends for football. The team has performed well from the start and earned the love of thousands of fans who cheered the club with all their hearts.

In 2013, the founding members handed over the club to Mr. Rohit Ramesh, a young and energetic entrepreneur from the ‘The Hindu’ family based in Chennai. Under the leadership of Mr. Rohit, the club was renamed to Chennai City FC.

Under Mr. Rohit’s leadership, the club was restructured with a new management team and coaching staff being appointed to take the club to the international arena. The club went on a hunt to find local talents who could take the club to the next level.

Driven by the dream of bringing the prestigious I-League trophy to Tamil Nadu, the club went through an overhaul in the coaching department. Highly skilled and experienced International Coaches were brought on board to train the players. Mr. Akbar Nawas from Singapore is one among the coaches who led the team with zeal.

It is only success from then on for the club. The club was crowned as the Champion of the Chennai District League in 2014 and got promoted to the senior division. Due to their thirst for success, the club again won the Champion of the Senior Division in 2015. Slowly and steadily, the club built a successful philosophy both on and off the pitch.

I-League being India’s top league has high levels of competition. The club’s first two seasons in I-League had many positives. The club finished 8th in both 2016 and 2017 I-League.

Going into the third season with a new set of players and staff, Chennai City FC played with an attacking style of football staying on top throughout the season and emerging as Champion of the I-League in the 2018-2019 season. Chennai City FC qualified for AFC Champions League.

CCFC is also planning to set up a residential academy soon to nurture upcoming young talent, becoming a football powerhouse down South.